“Connection is the energy created when people feel seen, heard & valued.”

Brene Brown

Membership currently closed until September 2021.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Heart Space is a private membership community for like minded people to feel seen, heard & valued.

We do so by providing a platform for open, honest & educational sharing whilst holding space for our members to experience deep connection with one another & themselves.

To join us, all we ask is you come with an open heart & an open mind so that you can listen, share & grow alongside people who want the same thing. You are welcome to participate in your own way, nothing is forced or expected of you. However, we believe the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

Membership is available to founder members for £9.98 a month for a limited time only, or £19.99 a month thereafter. We hope the sense of connection and emotional intelligence you’ll get out of it is invaluable.

Heart Space Will Give You…


A private, safe space to meet & communicate with like minded people, including:

  • Live group sharing sessions.
  • Private groups where people who experience the same interests & challenges collectively unite to inspire, learn & grow alongside people who truly understand one another.
  • Group discussions
  • Exercises to help you connect to your own heart.
  • Access to exclusive annual membership event.


Learn how to live in a more loving, authentic & purposeful way, through:

  • Exclusive live talks, Q & A’s & interviews by Ben Bidwell.
  • Daily check-ins to help you connect to your Heart Space.
  • Group sharing.
  • Monthly book club for personal growth.
  • Learning alongside a community of like minded people.


Become more of who you are capable of being by:

  • Expansion of your emotional intelligence.
  • A healthier & deeper connection to your emotions.
  • Learning to hold space for others.
  • Boosting your mental & physical health through monthly exercises.
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone and into your power.
  • Expressing your truth & becoming a leader.
  • Getting to know your true self better.

Charity support

The goal for this community is to not only have a positive impact on you as an individual, but to also help make the world a better place. To do so, we will be allocating a proportion of the profits to selected (community chosen) charities every quarter and we’ll share the difference our support is making so that we are all aware of the impact we are collectively having.


Membership isn’t for everyone. This community is for kind, open-hearted & non-judgemental people who have ideally been referred by a current member.

Once you are part of the community, you are invited to listen, share, learn & grow amongst like-minded peers, whilst always being kind to both yourself & other members of the community.

Each new member will be asked to agree to embody our healthy boundaries & community spirit. These have been created to help facilitate authentic, respectful & meaningful connections in a safe environment where all members can trust & feel comfortable with each other.

Whilst we don’t want our members to show up in fear of what is right or wrong, we do reserve the right to remove & stop memberships if anyone breaks our community spirit guidelines in either a serious or repetitive way. This is because holding a safe, respectful space for our members is our primary objective.